Nature Valley and Yoplait

Perfect Harmony

Yoplait and Nature Valley are large brands that fall under the General Mills family umbrella. AfterImage Creative was presented with a challenge to create a Caribbean campaign that promoted using both products together where the consumer benefitted from combining them for a healthy snack alternative. A strong campaign message as well as primary color had to be decided on to compliment both brands. Yoplait Regular was decided on for use in the English speaking markets, while Yoplait Light was used in Puerto Rico. A rigorous timeline was necessary to launch the campaign right after the New Year. Collateral material was required to be produced across various media channels and sampling events were planned throughout the Caribbean

THE RESULT: AfterImage Creative developed the campaign message "It's even better when you put them together", for the English Caribbean markets and "¡saben aún mejor!" for Puerto Rico. This presented the consumer with three different ways they could enjoy both products as a healthy snack alternative. We introduced light blue color for Puerto Rico to promote Yoplait Light. Collateral and promotional material were developed across numerous media channels effectively promoting the campaign. Co-branding for sampling events was also effectively produced.


Hispanic Outreach

Vitas Healthcare has provided hospice care since 1978 and wanted to reach out to the Hispanic community in Miami and Broward with a Hispanic outreach campaign. They required an aggressive print and radio campaign that would trade the community and educate them about Vitas' services. AfterImage Creative was selected to develop the campaign and work with the client's media agency to provide the most effective results.

THE RESULT: A campaign based on compassion, dedication and devotion. There key ads were developed in Spanish highlighting Vitas' key strengths and services along with a prominent 1-800 number. The strong tagline also showed consumers that Vitas was there to listen to any concerns they had about their loved ones. This campaign was ruled out across print and radio based on a marketing plan.


Small Waist

Yoplait light is known in the Caribbean markets as an alternative to a healthy snack. However, during the pre-Carnival season, the client requested a campaign that would increase consumption and sales of the product. The challenge was how to promote yogurt right after the holiday period and encourage sales with the hustle and bustle of the Carnival season where it's mostly parties and social events. AfterImage Creative was contracted to develop a campaign that would bring awareness to Yoplait Light and help increase sales.

THE RESULT: After researching how the market thinks in terms of preparing for Carnival and knowing their bodies needed to be in good shape to wear the "barely there" costumes, we developed a campaign that focused on the physical attributes of their demographic. "The Great Taste. Small Waist." campaign message clearly brings out the brand benefits as well as there is a play on the vibrant colors of the Caribbean and the Carnival season. Multiple collateral pieces were developed across a wide range of media.