In the world of Prosecco, Zonin is a key player with their brand benefits of freshness and price. The client contracted AfterImage, Inc to develop a custom koozie for the holiday season that would stand out on the shelf due to the difficulty of obtaining key shelf space in retail stores.

THE RESULT: AfterImage, Inc conceptualized several designs, utilizing colors that would compliment the brand and the holidays. 3-Dimensional drawings were presented for review and we sourced production to ensure client was receiving the best pricing for their budget. Several factors and small details were taken into consideration during the design process. A totally fun project to work on!

American Vapor

American Vapor prides itself on the fact that their products are made in the USA. This was a key stipulation from the client when we developed package designs for their rechargeable electronic cigarettes. We were also asked to clearly feature that this was a rechargeable product.

THE RESULT: AfterImage, Inc designed packaging that clearly depicted the components of the product. Red was the dominant color and silver foil was introduced to to portray a richness and elegance to the packaging. American Made was also clearly visible and the package was designed with die-cut features.

Don Julio Food Products

Don Julio Food Products, a family run company, contacted us to design and develop packaging for a line of products they were launching. The logo was provided to us and client was specific about paying tribute to their Venezuelan heritage. Green was a color that was requested to be incorporated into the package designs.

THE RESULTS: AfterImage, Inc reviewed the criteria and proposed brand colors that clearly included colors from the Venezuelan flag and used colors that clearly distinguished the different products, while maintaining the brand colors. Product photography was provided by AfterImage, Inc.